About The Posse

When does TCSP meet?

Business meetings are held at the North Patrol Office of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office on the first Monday of every month.

TCSP meets for practice every Monday night except the first Monday of the month.  Practices consist of a mix of formation riding, street practice, horsemanship drills, search and rescue, and desensitization techniques.  If you are interested in what we do and learning more about us, please come out and join us at practice.

What are the membership requirements?

The basic requirements for membership are:

  • Have a trailer available.
  • Provide your own horse.
  • Pass a background check with no criminal history.
  • Comply with the restrictions on horses.
  • Meet basic horsemanship skills that will be evaluated by the officers.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership dues are $80 per year. We purchase our tack and uniform, so an initial cost outlay is required to get you “suited” up; however, we will work with you to get you started.

What is required to remain a member?

Dues of $80 are required to be paid each year along with a minimum of 4 hours of participation during the year.

What are the restrictions on horses?

  • We have various breeds of horses in the posse; however, draft horses are discouraged.
  • We have no restrictions on gaited horses.
  • Minimum horse height is about 14.2.
  • Stallions are not allowed. All horses must be geldings or mares.
  • Horses that kick are not allowed.

Do I have to be an expert rider?

All riders are evaluated before being asked to submit a membership application. We recommend that you are comfortable while riding and able to walk, trot and lope while maintaining good control of your horse. We recognize that people have varying levels of experience with horses; however, this is not the place to learn to ride your horse.

Does membership require Peace Officer training?

Members are not required to be peace officers.

Is it permitted to carry a weapon?

We do not carry weapons.

Is horse training available?

Every time we work together and are in the saddle, we are training our horses. Our training consists of exposure to varying situations and obstacles, search and rescue and desensitization. Horses are expected to have a certain level of training and be well behaved before participating in public events and activities.

Training by a formal horse trainer is not provided.

Are riding lessons available?

We do not provide riding lessons.

In what type of events does the posse participate?

The Sheriff’s posse is a goodwill ambassador to the Tarrant County Sheriff. Our focus is to maintain western heritage and help to add an approachable face to law enforcement.  We participate in parades, neighborhood and community events, rodeo grand entries, and various other activities to which we are invited.  We can also assist with various types of patrols, cattle round up and search and rescue.